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Vietnamese Cuisine

Mixed Fruits with Yogurt and Jelly (Hoa quả dầm)
mixed fruits with yogurt and jellyIt’s a delicious Vietnamese dessert with the combine of all types of fruits in a mixing bowl, including water melon, mango, jackfruit, banana, papaya… to be cut in square and put together. Finally, pouring yogurt, jelly and a little coconut cream on the top. Everything you need to do is stirring the mixture well and enjoy all amazing flavors in each spoon.
Famous Add: To Tich St., Hang Bong, Hanoi
Fried Noodles with Beef and Vegetables (Mỳ xào với bò và rau)
fried noodles with beef and veggieIt looks the same as a spaghetti dishes, but this tasty dishes truly originated from Vietnam. The making duration of this noodle dishes is quite quick, just fried the noodle, beef and fresh vegetable. It is served with chilli sauce, pepper, and you have quite a fastfood to eat. Enjoy!
Famous Add: Ngu Xa St., Tay Ho, Hanoi
Meatball Vermicelli (Bún mọc)
meatball vermicelliThis dishes is a traditional noodle created by the native Hanoian living in the Nhân Mục - Nhân Chính village long time ago. The meatball is made from pork paste (giò sống) mixing with special mushrooms and some other spices. The soup includes broth added onions, pepper and tomatoes to make it a delicious sour taste. This dishes is sometimes served with sliced pork, or a pork sausage called “cha lua”, which is made out of pork paste wrapped in banana leaves. Just enjoy it with a lemon pieces!
Famous Add: Cau Go St., Hoan Kiem, Hanoi
Southern Beef Vermicelli (Bún bò Nam Bộ)
southern beef vermicelliThis dishes is originated from the South of Vietnam, where people love the mixture of sweet and sour taste, but gradually it becomes a familiar dishes in the North as well. It’s a dry type mixed noodles dish that includes stirred beef, bean sprouts, fried onion, peanut, and various herbs. The secret of this dishes lies in the special delicious sauce added in the bowl. It is only a type of fish sauce mixing with lemon, sugar and vinegar, but very few people know about the proportion of each ingredient. 
Famous Add: 67 Hang Dieu St., Hoan Kiem, Hanoi
Vietnamese Fried Spring Rolls (Nem rán, also called Chả giò by people in Southern Vietnam)
fried spring rollsThere is a saying, “enjoying spring rolls is like discovering the quintessence of Vietnamese traditional foods” – and yes, this is certainly the most popular dishes in every Vietnamese household. The mixture from the sweetness of pork, the various flavors of duck eggs, mushroom, carrot, chili and pepper. All in one wrap. Just fry until crispy, enjoy with vermicelli noodles, fresh vegetables and the papaya dipping sauce on the side. Naturally. And unforgetably!!!
Famous Add: around the Old Quarter in Hanoi
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