Tailor-made Tours

To make a good tailormade tour, we need some information, and we need to talk to you (via skype, facebook, whatsapp) to understand more about you, you needs and expectations. 

Its very important for us that we have talked to you, so we can ask the questions we need, so we dont waste your time with 50 emails back and forth. 

The best holiday is made by:

– Your wishes and expectations

– Our 


Recommendations and 

After we have talked to you, we will for sure give you our recommendations, to what we think will fit you way of traveling, budget og interests. You can choose to use our recommendations or not, its up to you. But please note that we dont want to sell you a tour just to make a bit more profit. We what you to enjoy Vietnam and your holiday. When you are happy and enjoying, we are happy too. 

We know that word of mouth is the way to go, so if you are happy with us, you will probably talk positive about us to family and friends.